Tuf-Stop® Parking Block

Tuf-Stop® Parking Block

The World’s Best Car Stop™

Tuf-Stop® parking block protects concrete stops from water degradation, chipping, and fracture without the need for steel reinforcement. UV stable, high-visibility, high-impact polymer requires no painting or maintenance and protects the concrete within from the elements. Interior retaining hooks and ribs hold concrete in place and eliminates the need for steel reinforcement. Permanent water tight caps prevent moisture from seeping inside the block. Available in 6-foot length as well as 3-foot to enable wheelchair access out of the parking area. Must be filled with concrete.

  • 5-year warranty*
  • Weighs 4-lbs and holds 120-lbs concrete
  • Permanent water-tight caps cover rebar opening
  • Two sizes: 36"x6" and 72"x6"
  • Available in 3 colors
  • 9 UV-resistant adhesive labels (sold separately)


Tuf-Stop® proprietary resin delivers consistent color throughout with a slip and fade-resistant finish. Safety yellow and handicap blue provide high visibility for pedestrian safety while concrete gray offers a more blended look in areas where pedestrian safety is not a concern.

  • Safety Yellow
  • Handicap Blue
  • Concrete Gray


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