Rail Transit Boarding Platform


Rail Transit Boarding Platform

Material Used:

16 Gauge Galvanized Steel


Seattle, WA

Initially installed for temporary use during a light rail expansion, this crossover boarding platform at Pioneer Station was eventually left in place for regular use. The platform was constructed using TufTile 16-gauge galvanized steel surface-applied tiles in yellow for maximum visibility, protection, and durability. The yellow coating was applied in-house using TufTile’s powder coating system. A multi-stage wash and rinse station with zirconium pretreatment prepped the surface for superior bonding and adhesion of the final finish. Project engineers dismissed early concerns over potential electrical shock and gave their approval for the tiles as the platform was both insulated and grounded. Sound Transit along with the engineers and contractors were very satisfied with the look, ease of installation, and replaceability of the tiles. Based on this project, TufTile 16 gauge galvanized steel tiles have now been specified on several other light rail projects in other states.

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