Blended Transitions and Wheelchair Ramps


Blended Transitions and Wheelchair Ramps

Material Used:

Galvanized Steel 10 Gauge Wet-Set


Colorado Springs, CO

The City of Colorado Springs has long required unfinished, rust-colored cast iron for ADA detectable warning tile installations. This particular project involved private entrances with surrounding public right-of-way properties. The owner of the project reached out to TufTile for assistance. Working with the City, the TufTile team partnered with their customer to obtain approval for the newly launched 10-gauge galvanized steel. With approval received, the galvanized steel wet set was installed. The tiles were requested unfinished for the immediate building area, and in a black finish for areas surrounding the neighborhood. Using TufTile’s on-site powder coating equipment, each tile went through a multi-stage wash and rinse preparation including a zirconium pretreatment for increased bonding and adhesion. The black tiles passed through the powder coating tunnel and high-temperature curing oven, producing a UV and slip-resistant finish that will last long-term. The installation was completed on time and the owner, project architect, and engineer were very satisfied with the results and continued performance.

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