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TufTile® Radii are made by using wedges and tiles in any combination. Use the Radius Calculator to determine the exact size of your radius, materials and configuration.


EASYARC Radius Calculator Mobile App


Mobile App for iPhone and Android devices. With 2 measurements, determine the size of your radius, anywhere. Using your measurements, EasyARC determines the arc length, materials, and overall fit. It also provides the ability to draw your installation.


Installation Videos & PDFs

Installing a TufTile Polymer Radius
Installing Cast Iron Radius
TufTile Radius Calculator - ADA Detectable Warning Tile

Radius Wedges

Radius Wedges in Galvanized Steel, Polymer and Cast Iron allow for fast, easy, compliant installation of most radius corners from 8' to 70' radii with no tile cutting. This results in a seamless radius installation with consistent dome spacing every time.

TufTile® Radii are made by using wedges and tiles in any combination. Four wedge sizes and five tile sizes combine to form a wide range of dimensions.

Elevations remain equal and dome alignment consistent, piece-to-piece, reducing installer error.

Wedges are factory pre-sized and designed to fasten to detectable tiles to form perfect radius assemblies.

Very little field modification (tile cutting) is required. Only the very left-most and right-most tiles may need to be modified in field.

Try our RADIUS CALCULATOR tool to find the perfect configuration to your unique installation.


Radius Sizes



Radius Wedge Engineering Drawings

15' Radius Polymer Surface Applied

15' Radius Polymer Wet Set

15' Cast Iron Wet Set

20' Radius Polymer Surface Applied

20' Radius Polymer Wet Set

20' Cast Iron Wet Set

25' Radius Polymer Surface Applied

25' Radius Polymer Wet Set

25' Cast Iron Wet Set

30' Radius Polymer Surface Applied

30' Radius Polymer Wet Set

30 Cast Iron Wet Set

Radius Polymer Colors

Radius Cast Iron Colors

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