Patent No. US D691,743 S

Tuftile’s Polymer Wet-Set (cast-in-place) Tiles are replaceable high-impact detectable warning tiles designed for years of use on municipal (public) and private sidewalks, pedestrian ramps and platforms. Polymer Wet-Set tiles utilize a factory installed umbrella style anchor system with stainless steel, tamper resistant fasteners for easy installation into wet concrete applications.

Tuftile Polymer Tiles are made of advanced proprietary polymers and are engineered with molded in-line truncated domes which are in full compliance with ADA guidelines and provide superior impact and slip resistance. TufTiles are also highly resistant to UV rays, weather, and a wide variety of chemicals.

  • ADA compliant for wet and dry, slip-resistant surface
  • Easy and fast installation, bilingual step-by-step installation instructions
  • Beveled edges meets “trip hazard” requirements
  • Replaceable
  • Long term durability
  • Recyclable
  • Made in USA

Polymer Tiles Wet-Set Engineering Drawings

2' x 1' Wet Set

2' x 2' Wet Set

2' x 3' Wet Set

2' x 4' Wet Set

2' x 5' Wet Set



Polymer Wet Set Submittal

Fastening System/Accessories

  • Our concrete anchors are pre-installed using stainless steel screws in each wet-set tile

  • Molded from a super tough polymer, wet-set anchors are corrosion-proof

  • Our "umbrella" style anchor easily penetrates into wet concrete

  • TufTile wet-set tiles are REPLACEABLE and wet-set anchors can be used multiple times


Polymer Connectors

  • Simplify installation by connecting polymer tiles together

  • Create a single unit of tiles and install them all at one time


Labeled Instructions & Protective Film

  • English and Spanish installation instructions attached to each tile

  • Easy to follow step-by-step directions

  • Wet-Set TufTiles are shipped with a protective weather resistant surface mask. This masking film protects the instruction sheet while in storage and during installation

Dome Layout

  • In-Line truncated domes comply with all ADA specifications

  • North-South & East-West spacing is 2.35"

  • The TufTile name is molded into every part identifying us as the manufacturer for future reference

  • Occasionally, detectable warning tiles will need to be butted together to form longer and wider surfaces. TufTile remain ADA compliant when tiles are properly butted together



  • TufTiles are replaceable. Replacement is an economic alternative to concrete replacement

  • Anchor holes and panel depth is uniform between products. TufTile Wet-Set tiles and Surface-Applied are designed to last for years in normal wear & tear, urban environments. We recognize that abnormal things can happen and at times tiles may need to be replaced. The fact that TufTiles are replaceable offers a community or private property owner a longer life-cycle cost savings vs a concrete tear-out and re-pour.


Polymer Material

TufTile's ADA Tiles are manufactured with an advanced proprietary polymer that offers exceptional performance characteristics. 

  • UV Stability - integrated throughout the polymer

  • High-impact resistance

  • Abrasion resistance

  • ADA compliant wet & dry slip-resistant surface

  • Overall long-term durability

  • Homogenous color - integrated throughout the polymer

  • TufTiles are 100% recyclable


TufTile provides a variety of standard colors that are immediately available

Made in the USA

  • Domestically produced iron is cast in USA to comply with all Federal, State, and local sourcing requirements for metal products - BUY AMERICAN compliant
  • TufTile supports all claims with sourcing and production documentation that is often required by governmental procurement departments


TufTile® Radii are made by using wedges and tiles in any combination. Visit the Radius Solutions page to determine the exact size of your radius, materials and configuration.