TufTile designed our galvanized steel tile as a program offering "the best of both worlds" with respect to the current materials available on the market.  TufTile's galvanized steel tiles are incredibly durable like cast iron tiles.  But they will not rust and are available in full ramp width sizes up to five feet wide, like polymer composites.  Galvanized steel detectable warnings represent the best value available.

  • Compliant with all ADA Specifications
  • Available in Standard Straight and over 40 Radial Sizes
  • Wet-Set & Surface Applied TIles Available
  • Long term durability
  • Easy installation
  • Replaceable
  • Recyclable
  • Buy America Compliant
  • Made in USA

Dome Layout

  • In-Line truncated domes comply with all ADA specifications
  • North-South & East-West spacing is 2.35"
  • The TufTile name and date of production is permanently stamped onto every part identifying us as the manufacturer for future reference

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TufTiles are replaceable. Replacement is an economic alternative to concrete replacement.  TufTile Wet-Set tiles and Surface-Applied are designed to last for years in normal wear & tear. We recognize that abnormal things can happen and at times tiles may need to be replaced. The fact that TufTiles are replaceable offers a community or private property owner a longer life-cycle cost savings vs a concrete tear-out and re-pour.

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Galvanized Steel

TufTile's galvanized steel tiles are manufactured from 10 gauge galvanized steel (wet-set and surface-applied) and 16 gauge galvanized steel (surface-applied only).  Both material thicknesses are offered with a durable powder coat finish  that offers exceptional performance characteristics.  Our UV stabilitized powder coat finish forms a robust bond with the galvanized steel base tile and includes a special abrasive material adding even greater slip-resistance to the tile.  Additionaly, unlike cast iron tiles, TufTile's galvanized steel tiles will not rust due to our G 90 galvanization rating.  the same galvanization found on guardrails.


TufTile provides a variety of standard colors that are immediately available

gs color chart

Made in the USA

  • Domestically produced galvanized steel complies with all Federal, State, and local sourcing requirements for metal products - BUY AMERICAN & BUY AMERICA compliant

  • TufTile supports all claims with sourcing and production documentation that is often required by governmental procurement departments

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TufTile® Radii are made by using wedges and tiles in any combination. Visit the Radius Solutions page to determine the exact size of your radius, materials and configuration.