TufTile® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tuf-Tite, Inc.  TufTile produced its first detectable warning product in 2008.  Years of polymer formulation experience and field testing have led to the launching of the detectable warning products we produce today.  TufTile is an American company, American owned and operated.  TufTile® polymer products are manufactured by TufTile in Lake Zurich, Illinois.  TufTile® cast iron products are made in America from American raw materials, in TufTile tooling specifically for TufTile.

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Our modern and highly automated manufacturing equipment, warehouse, and shipping areas are all contained under one roof in our 165,000 sf facility.  We are fully capable of servicing any and all demand for TufTile products.  Our automated supply chain capabilities provide our customers with seamless on-time deliveries.

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Environmental Stewardship

TufTile Detectable Warning Tiles and Sustainability

TufTile detectable warning tiles are designed for years of use in municipal (public) and private pedestrian ramps and platforms. Our special high impact polymer will stand up to years of typical traffic; foot and incidental vehicular traffic. TufTiles are also highly resistant to UV rays, weather, and a wide variety of chemicals. Cast Iron TufTiles are ideal in areas where high abuse is anticipated - snowplow damage for example.

In the event of catastrophic tile damage, the replace-ability of Wet-Set and Surface-Applied TufTiles reduces or eliminates the need to remove and replace concrete along with the tile. Surface-applied tiles can be installed directly over existing, cured concrete eliminating the need to pour new concrete.

TufTile polymer and cast iron products are 100% recyclable.

At TufTile's manufacturing facility, we are able to recycle and use, in-house, 99+% of our production waste.  

All packaging used on TufTile products is made from at least 80% post-industrial or post-consumer waste material. In-bound packaging waste is sent to recycling facilities.

Motion sensitive lighting installed throughout our facility ensures lights do not remain on in areas not in use.
Potential “Green”:

  • Large fans in our warehouse move air, reducing heating costs
  • Production restarts are staggered and done at non-peak times to minimize energy surges
  • Storm water from non-permeable surfaces is redirected to a wildlife wet-land retention area
  • Production "chiller" water is cleaned and recirculated as part of our production process 

LEEDS POTENTIAL (using TufTile  in your project)
TufTile products are manufactured here is the United States. Our single manufacturing plant located centrally in Lake Zurich, Illinois outside of Chicago provides access to locations throughout the U.S.

Possible LEED Credit  Points  Description

MR Credit 5.1 - 1 Point Regionally Manufactured Materials (Using TufTile within 500 miles of our Lake Zurich Plant)