Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is a detectable warning surface?

A pattern of truncated domes that alert visually impaired pedestrians of an approaching intersection, curb ramp, transit platform, or other potentially hazardous walkways. TufTile wet-set and surface-applied truncated dome tiles are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility (ADA) guidelines.

2. What size detectable warning tiles are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG)?

Under R304 Detectable Warning Surfaces the federal government has outlined the materials, dimensions, and installation specifications necessary to comply with ADA mandates for detectable warning surfaces. For more information visit U.S. Access Board.

3. What type of tiles does TufTile offer?

TufTile is the only company to offer galvanized steel detectable warning tiles, available in 10 and 16gauge wet-set and surface-applied. Cast iron and polymer tiles are also available. Galvanized steel and cast iron tiles carry a 10-year performance warranty and polymer a 5-year performance warranty. Galvanized steel tiles are also supported by a 10-year no-rust warranty.* (create link to warranty)

4. How much do detectable warning tiles weigh?

MaterialWeight per sq. ft.
10g Galvanized Steel5.50 lbs
16g Galvanized Steel2.50 lbs
Cast Iron9.25 lbs
Polymer1.80 lbs

5. What tile sizes are available?

Our product portfolio includes seven standard sizes depending on the material and over 20 radius sizes 9R-70R. Single tile installations for 4’ and 5’ wide curb ramps are also available.

12 x 1224 x 1224 x 2424 x 3024 x 3624 x 4824 x 6036 x 12
Galvanized Steelxxxxxxx
Cast Ironxx
Radius15R, 20R, 25R, 30R Wedges

6. What are the tile color options?

TufTile offers seven colors including patina, and galvanized steel and cast iron tiles are also available unfinished for a natural look. TufTile guarantees quality finishing through its own in-house powder coat system.

Tuftile Galvanized Line PatinaTuftile Polymer Line YellowTuftile Cast Iron Line 06Tuftile Cast Iron Line 07Tuftile Cast Iron Line 05Tuftile Polymer Line Dark GreyTuftile Cast Iron Line 04Tuftile Galvanized Line NaturalTuftile Cast Iron Line 08
Galvanized Steelxxxxxxxx
Cast Ironxxxxxxxx

7. How are the galvanized steel and cast iron tiles coated?

Color finishes are applied in-house with a state-of-the-art powder-coat finishing system that offers a superior UV and slip-resistant finish. TufTile offers a 10-year no-rust warranty on powder-coat galvanized steel tiles.

8. What is the dome spacing dimension?

TufTile in-line truncated domes have a North-South & East-West spacing of 2.35-inches, in compliance with ADA specifications.

9. What does “Avoid the Void” mean?

TufTile’s flat back design detectable warning product prevents pockets of air and moisture between the tile and concrete. This results in a stronger bond between the concrete and tile and prevents freeze-thaw issues. This product feature is unique to TufTile and is what we like to call “avoid the void”.

10. Can surface-applied TufTile be installed on asphalt?

Yes, TufTile has a specially designed anchor that enables tile installation in asphalt. Contact technical support at 888-960-8897 for installation information and ordering.

11. How long does the tile have to set before pedestrians can walk on it?

Foot traffic can begin immediately when the tile is installed using the surface-applied method. For wet-set installations, foot traffic should be avoided until concrete is fully cured. See concrete manufacturer’s instructions on cure times.