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      Mobile APP for                                                                                   Mobile APP for



      With 2 measurements, determine the size of your Radius. ANYWHERE!

                                   Using your measurements, EasyArc
                                   determines the Arc Length, Materials,                                                                                                                    ADA DETECTABLE WARNING PRODUCTS
                                   and overall fi t using those materials.

                                   It also provides the capability to draw
                                   your installation. After you ‘calculate’,
                                   another button will appear called
                                   ‘Draw’. Click it to turn your measure-
                                   ments into a picture of your installation

                                                     Once you’ve determined that you’ve
                                                     accurately entered you data, drawn
                                                     it, and type your notes, tapping the
                                                     ‘Download’ button will allow you to
                                                     email that document to yourself or
                                                     someone else.

                                                     The e-mail dialogue will start (specifi c
                                                     to your device) and it will transmit the
                                                     drawing as an attachment.
     Scan with your iPhone or iPad                                                       Scan with your Android device
        to get our EasyArc App.                                                             to get our EasyArc App.

      TufTile, Inc. 1200 Flex Court  Lake Zurich,  IL  60047   Fax: 1-847-550-8004 E-Mail:

                                                          MADE IN                                                                  1-888-960-8897
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