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                                                                  ADA DETECTABLE WARNING PRODUCTS

                                                 CAST IRON TILES
                  Durable Cast Iron complies with “Buy America” domestic content requirement
                                                WET-SET (REUSABLE)

                               Made in USA

                Cast in TufTile identifi cation
      ADA Compliant wet
     and dry slip-resistant

                                                                                  Tiles shipped with
                                                                                  anchors installed
                 Stainless steel tamper-                                                      Anchor embedded in
                  resistant 1-1/2” screw                                                          concrete
                                               Self-threading corrosion-
                                              resistant composite anchors

                                    CAST IRON COLORS                                                            locations
                           P PATINAATINA  COLONIAL RED  YELLOW  BLACK                                           (5 per side)
                          (No Finish)  FED 20109  FED 33538  FED 37038
                          COLOR I.D. PAT  COLOR I.D. CRD  COLOR I.D. YEL  COLOR I.D. BLK
      Cast Iron  Cast Iron
       Sizes    Weight
      24” x 12”  19 lbs       SAFETY RED  DARK GRAY YY  BRICK RED
                                       DARK GRA
                                       DARK GRA
      24” x 24”   37 lbs      FED 31350  FED 36118   FED 22144
      24” x 30”  46 lbs        COLOR I.D. SRD  COLOR I.D. GRY  COLOR I.D. BRD
                           Powder coat color includes zinc-rich epoxy primer base
                           Powder coat color includes zinc-rich epoxy primer base
                           Powder coat color includes zinc-rich epoxy primer base
                                  and durable UV resistant fi nish.  Simplify Wet-Set installation by connecting panels.
           POLYMER AND CAST IRON RADIUS                                                RADIUS WEDGES
         Try our exclusive Radius Calculator Tool at to quickly and
                                                                                                                 Cast in
           easily select the proper size and quantity of Tile and Radius Wedges.                                 Cast in
                                                                                                                Identifi cation
                                                                                                                Identifi cation
    Enter two (2) measurements, then
    print a drawing and parts list for each
    radius installation.

                                                                         Made in USA
                                                                         Made in USA

                          EFFECTIVE RADIUS SIZES
        Wedge   with 2’ x 2’ Panels  with 2’ x 1’ Panels  with 2’ x 3’ panels     Polymer Wet-Set (2-fl ange), Cast Iron Wet-Set (1-fl ange),
                                                                                       Polymer Surface Applied (no fl anges)
                                                     (polymer only)
         15R     15 Foot Radius   8.8 Foot Radius  21 Foot Radius
         20R     20 Foot Radius  11.1 Foot Radius  28.5 Foot Radius  TufTile ®  ADA Tiles have a 5-Year Limited Warranty – see website or contact customer service.
         25R     25 Foot Radius  14.1 Foot Radius  35.9 Foot Radius  TUFTILE  TACTILE IS ADAAG / PROWAG / CA TITLE 24 COMPLIANT
         30R     30 Foot Radius  16.8 Foot Radius  43.3 Foot Radius                 PAT. NO. US D691,743 S
           Go to for additional Wedge and Panel combinations.

                                                          MADE IN                                                                  1-888-960-8897

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