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           In-Line truncated domes comply   Molded manufacture
            with all ADA Specifi cations  identifi cation  Tamper-resistant stainless             English and
                                                        fasteners provide                     Spanish installation
                                                      security and effi cient tile              instructions are
                                                      replacement if required  ADA Compliant wet and   attached to each tile
                                                                      dry slip-resistant surfaces



                                                                                                            Tiles shipped with
                                                                                                            anchors installed

                                                                                    Beveled edges
                            Stainless tamper-                                       provide excellent
                          resistant 1-1/2” screw                                    transition egress
                                                                              Concrete Keepers™ (located on
                                                                              underside of TufTile) integrate
                               Self-threading                                 with concrete “slurry” holding
                              corrosion-resistant                              tile fast when concrete cures
                              composite anchors
                     POLYMER RADIUS TILES
    25 foot
    radius line
                                                           Molded in TufTile                                        Fastener
                                                            identifi cation                                          locations

      Wedges are sized per the radius of the arc.  All fi eld tiles are 2’ x 2’.   Made in USA
                  Radius          COLORS
                  15 Foot
                  20 Foot  Colors to match corresponding
                  25 Foot      Polymer tiles                                   Simplify Wet-Set installation by connecting panels.
                  30 Foot

                                      TUFTILE WET-SET (REPLACEABLE) TILES
                 SIZES Tiles/Carton Cartons/Pallet                      COLORS
                 2’ X 1’    10          12      BRICK RED  YELLOW  DARK GRAY  COLONIAL RED  BLACK   SAFETY RED
                                                 FED 22144  FED 33538  FED 36118  FED 20109  FED 17038  FED 31350
                 2’ X 2’    10          12      COLOR I.D. BRD  COLOR I.D. YEL  COLOR I.D. GRY  COLOR I.D. CRD  COLOR I.D. BLK  COLOR I.D. SRD
                                                                                        COLOR I.D. BLK
                 2’ X 3’     6          12
                 2’ X 4’     5          12
                 2’ X 5’     4          12

                                                             MADE IN
                              ADA DETECTABLE WARNING PRODUCTS
     1200 Flex Court  Lake Zurich, IL 60047                  USA          #TAC-PWSCB0114
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