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NORTHWEST LABORATORIES of Seattle, Incorporated
                                                       ESTABLISHED 1896
                                  Technical Services for: Industry, Commerce, Legal Profession & Insurance Industry
       241 South Holden Street     Seattle, WA 98108-4359     Phone: (206) 763-6252     Fax: (206) 763-3949

              Report To:    Tuf-Tite, Inc.                                     Date:      October 10, 2012
              Attention:    Ted Meyers

              Report On:    Poly Anchors                                       Lab No.:  E86667

              IDENTIFICATION:         Three (3) Umbrella Anchors
                                      Mfg:  Tuf-Tite, Inc.

              TEST PROCEDURE:  Determine maximum pull-out strength of anchor screw in shank by means
                                      of supporting top of anchor and apply vertical pulling force on screw load
                                      was applied using a Universal Test Machine (UTM) certified accuracy +/-

              TEST RESULTS:

              Sample No.            Ultimate Load (lbs.)         Failure Mode

                  1                       314.3                  Umbrella pulled off shank
                  2                       324.2                  Shank deformed around umbrella
                  3                       310.3                  Umbrella pulled off shank

                  Average                 316.2
                  Std. Dev.               5.75

                 This report applies only to the actual samples tested.  Northwest Laboratories does not
                 certify, warrant, or guarantee any products manufactured by others.  Samples discarded
                 within thirty (30) days unless otherwise requested in writing by you.


              Richard J. Schefsky II
              Technical Manager


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