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                                            TufTile  INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS
                                                                SURFACE-APPLIED (REPLACEABLE)

                                       1.   Read these instructions thoroughly before you begin. Consult the Access-Board,
                                            PROWAG guidelines R208 & R305 for tile placement location before beginning.
                                            Go to for Federal compliance documents.

                                       2.   Concrete surface must be clean and free of dust, debris, oil, moisture, and all
                                            contaminates that can prevent proper sealant adhesion.  A wire brush or concrete cup
                                            grinder or other mechanical device can be used to prepare the surface.
       Fig. 1
                                       3.   Place TufTile SA on the concrete specifi cally where it is to be installed and mark the
                                            concrete at two corners. (Figure 1)  Remove the TufTile from the marked location.

                                       4.   Apply a bead of sealant supplied by TufTile to the concrete completely around the
                                            perimeter about 1/2” in from the edge and zigzag in the center area of the tile.
                                            (Figure 2)
                                            Spread any excess sealant over the back of the tile.
                   Concrete                 Note: Use sealant according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

                                       5.   Replace the panel onto the prepared concrete and drill 2” (miminum) deep holes through
                                            the spots in the panel at the marked corners. (Figure 3)

                                       6    Insert Drive Pins into the holes and hammer them down. (Figure 4)

       Fig. 3                          7.   Moving across the panel, (          ) drill holes in all the provided locations in the panel and
                                            insert Drive Pins in each. Hammer the pins as you go. (Figure 5)

                                                                Your TufTile installation is now complete.

       Fig. 4

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      x        x        x       x           Additional installation information including an installation tutorial is available at
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                                                  If you have any additional questions please contact TufTile ®
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                                                                 Thank you for your business!
                      Drive Pin Fastener                               1-888-960-8897
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