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TufTile, Inc.
                                                                                                 Job No. 13505-1
           GAYNES LABS, INC.

                                 GENERAL STATEMENT COVERING THIS REPORT:

           This report is submitted for the exclusive use of TufTile, Inc..  Its significance is subject to the
           representative nature of the samples submitted and the tests and examinations made.  No quotations from
           this report or use of the Gaynes Labs, Incorporated name is permitted except as expressly authorized by
           Gaynes Labs, Incorporated in writing.

           Gaynes Labs, Incorporated assumes no responsibility for the result of the observance or non-observance
           by TufTile, Inc. of the product standard contained in this report or upon the relations between TufTile,
           Inc. and any party or parties arising out of the sale or use of the product or otherwise.

           TufTile, Inc. shall indemnify and hold harmless Gaynes Labs, Incorporated its employees and agents from
           any and all claims, demands, actions, and costs that may arise out of:

             (a) Any dangerous defect or content in the item being tested, whether apparent or not, which dangerous
                 defect or content was not disclosed in writing to Gaynes Labs, Incorporated by TufTile, Inc. at the
                 time the item was submitted for testing;

             (b) Differences between those items actually tested and items previously or subsequently produced
                 which are purported to be identical to the item tested;

             (c) Any use of the tested item, whether by TufTile, Inc. or a third party, following its return to TufTile,
                 Inc. from Gaynes Labs, Incorporated.

           Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this test program.

                                  Report Prepared By:
                                                              Andy Boersema

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