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                                    TufTile  INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS
                                                              WET-SET (REPLACEABLE)

                               1.   Read these instructions thoroughly before you begin. Consult the Access-Board,
                                    PROWAG guidelines R208 & R305 for tile placement location before beginning.
                                    Go to for Federal compliance documents.

                               2.   The concrete physical properties need to comply with the project's specifi cations
                                    The proper slump range will ensure TufTiles maintain a solid connection
                                    with the cured concrete.

  Fig. 1
                               3.   For Radius or Connected Tiles, see below. For normal tile install, do not remove
                                    protective plastic covering from TufTile until it’s installed and concrete is
                                    fully cured.

                               4.   Slowly press the TufTile into the wet concrete until the base of the truncated
                                    domes is fl ush with the concrete.  (Figure 1) Do not stand on the tile during
                                    installation. (TufTile polymer products are not recommended for asphalt
  Fig. 2
                               5.   To ensure proper integration between TufTile WS anchors, *Concrete Keeers™,
                                    and the concrete it is important to tap the entire TufTile surface with a rubber
                                    mallet. (Figure 2) *Concrete Keepers™  are a feature of TufTile polymer
                                    products only.

                               6.   OPTIONAL: In drier or wetter concrete mixes a weight like a sand bag or block
                                    may be laid on top of the installed tile to hold the tile at the desired depth
                                    and prevent it from "fl oating" during the curing process. (Figure 3)
  Fig.3    1/8” Deep   Troweled Edge

                               7.   IMPORTANT!  WHILE THE CONCRETE IS WORKABLE, AN 1/8” DEEP TROW-
                                    ELED  EDGE MUST BE INSTALLED AROUND THE TILE PERIMETER.  (Fig. 4)

                               8.   Finish the concrete as required in the specifi cations.  Do not stand or walk on the
                                    TufTile until the concrete is fully cured.

                               9.   Remove protective plastic sheeting after all post-installation treatments are com
   Fig. 4                           plete and the concrete has cured. TufTile's protective fi lm does not wrap
                                    under the tile  and can be fully removed.  Your TufTile installation is now

     R      C     T                                                                    ®
     a      o     I                             Radius or Connected TufTile  Installation
     d      n     L                               Instead of Step 3 above, do the following:
     i      e
     u      c     E                  3.    Peel back the protective coating on the tile edges.
     s      t
            o                        3a.   Remove anchors from edges that join.
                                     3b.   Insert Radius or Connector part between the tiles.
        Connected Radius Example
                                     3c.   Re-install anchors through tile and Radius or Connector.

                                     3d.   Locate the complete surface in position over wet concrete
                                                  Resume installation at Step 4 above

                                  Additional installation information including an installation tutorial is available at
                                          If you have any additional questions please contact TufTile      ®

                                                            Thank you for your business!
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